Bouey Animations


Animation is our specialty, we can do whiteboard animation, as well as any other kind of 2D animation you'd need.

Demo reel 2018

Transformation Sequence for Waifu Fight Mobile Game

For Clients Music Video

Above is a piece of animation commissioned by our client.

From Clients Music Video

Boss Phase 2

For Clients Music Video

Character Animation for Mobile Game "Waifu Fight!"

Commissions for Howard Wimshurst

"I was commissioned by the animator Howard Whimshurst who is famous for his animation tutorials on Youtube. I'm glad to have worked on this project with Howard and his Team." Desmond is responsible for all of the Character animation in the video. The background art was done by KeepWalking and Howard Whimshurst

Demo Reel

Here is Desmond Bouey's 2D animation Demo Reel.


Somnium is an 8-minute short film which Desmond Bouey animated himself. "It's essentially a homage to my love for stick figure animation." This film was also picked to be featured on the Hyun's Dojo Youtube channel which has 500 thousand subscribers.